Artist Management

with AI

Streamline your artist bookings with Soul Artists AI.

A giant leap in the entertainment industry.

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT-4 to streamline your bookings.

Artist bookings

Checking artists availability at lightspeed

Instantly check artists availability and get quotes through real-time AI processing.

Get the best rates possible

Machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and data on similar bookings to provide AI-based pricing recommendations for performers.

Your talent agent automated

Soul Artists AI works on your behalf, by providing you with valuable insights and control over your online presence, doing everything from polishing and translating your press-kit to quoting on your behalf and handling communications.

Soul Artists AI does the heavy lifting

Just type in anything you want

AI recommended entertainment based onyour ideas and concepts.

Find the right artists by just providing a vague idea or detailed briefs and proposals.

Instant quotes

Real-time quotes are tailored to your unique requirements and budget without the wait time.

Market trends and industry standard

Soul Artists AI will also provide expert guidance and insightful recommendations based on the latest market trends and condition to help you plan an unforgettable event.

Working on your behalf

Soul Artists AI will work on behalf of both artists and event creators to negotiate the best deal for both parties, plan your calendar, create your event schedule, help you choose your theme, and much more.

Features You will love

AI Artist Matching

Soul Artists AI will allow artists to go back to their roots and focus more time on practicing and performing the arts they love, gone are the days of endless hours of admin work to find the right gigs.

AI Booking Agent

Enter your event brief or ideas explained in your own words and let Soul Artists AI do the rest, from checking available artists to negotiating the best rate on your behalf and closing the booking.

AI Artist Manager

Let Soul Artists AI do the admin and marketing work for you by automatically answering questions from your clients, quoting on your behalf, and bring in bookings without any of the friction between.

Data Analytics and Insights

Using machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and conditions while providing AI-based pricing recommendations for performers. This will help both event creators and performers in setting fair and competitive prices.

Natural Language Processing

Processing your ideas, briefs, and content using only your natural language, Soul Artists AI is capable of handling multi-page briefs or the most basic of ideas, just use your words and ask!

AI powered presskit

Using AI to enhance and recommend impactful changes to an artists online presence by providing insights on how to make each profile richer and more engaging to the audience, while also translating it into every language like a pro.

Customer Service

Soul Artists AI provides 24/7 customer support with seamless passing to human agents when necessary, for artists it also acts as your assistant helping clients know more about your acts without taking any time away from you.

AI-Based Pricing

Big data processing allows Soul Artists AI to understand historical market and artistic trends to recommend budgets to clients while also helping artists set their pricing in the market they are in.

API Integration

Soul Artists AI is designed to empower artists, event companies, and talent agencies by integrating the Soul Artists API on their websites, apps, and more.

What will the future of talent bookings look like

AI empowerment is without a doubt the future of the gig economy, long gone are the days where artists and event creators have to endure endless hours of admin work that could be spent with loved ones or making more art.
Suhail Khoury

Supporting artists and event creators

Supercharge your events business with Soul Artist AI

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Soul Artists
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Less than 5 minutes
Real-time bookings
Transparent pricing
Personalized Recommendations
Automated Bookings
Market Insight
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Frequently Asked Quetions

Most asked questions
What is Soul Artists?

Soul Artists is a matchmaker for entertainers/service providers and those who book them. We created Soul Artists back in 2017 and today we are the largest artist booking platform in the MENA region.

Can I integrate it with my existing website?

Yes, you will be able to integrate SoulArtists API into your existing business or website to pull the artist roster and promt to analyze client requirements and use it as a secure booking agent that is always ready and on demand.

As an artist how can Soul Artists AI help me get gigs?

By analyzing your profile data in a meticulous manner it will help you improve your online presence, understand your preferences and availability, negotiate rates on your behalf, and increaseyour profile’s exposure through exponentially better matchmaking algorithms.

Should I be concerned about my privacy?

Soul Artists has always committed to artist privacy, we never sell data to any third party, any use of AI is for enhancing the experience for artists and clients to make bookings easier and more seamless.

What Artificial Intelligence will SoulArtists AI be based on?

Soul Artists AI taps into the power of large language models like Chat GPT-4 to understand your requirements in natural language and work on your behalf. In addition to that Soul Artists AI will be powered by several other AI models in tandem with our in-house data to create a unique intelligence unseen before in the entertainment industry.

How is AI powering Soul Artists?

AI will be integrated into the artist discovery and booking process, allowing for a frictionless experience and unparalleled freedom when finding the perfect entertainer for your event or managing your artistic career and online presence.

Can I use this in my next project ?

Not yet, Soul Artists AI is still being tested internally, but you can join the waitlist and be notified when its available.

How much will it cost?

Soul Artists AI will be rolling out as a free update to all Soul Artists performers and users in the coming months.

What doe this mean for event managers?

You will have an indispensable tool at your disposal that will streamline artist discovery, communication, and provide a safe payment gateway for all parties, ultimately saving you a ton of time and money.

What is an AI?

An AI or Artificial Intelligence is a computer program or a system that can learn and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognizing images, and making decisions based on data.